This is a blog about model-driven applications and industrial end user computing by Håvard Jørgensen and Frank Lillehagen. We will publish ideas and experiences from several years of research and product development in these areas. Most topics are quite technical, and require a some experience with visual modeling and software engineering. Other posts, in the industrial computing section, will deal with challenges and solutions from a business perspective.

We hope you find the material interesting, and would appreciate your feedback. Our opinions are not cast in stone, and we invite comments and questions to all articles. A major objective for this blog is to create an arena for mutual learning and open speculation.

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2 Responses to “This blog”

  1. Muhammad Asif Says:

    I am student of MSINFO SYS at NTNU and taking a course on AKM. I really found this blog very helpful and creative. I recieve a refine concept about AKM. Thanks to create this blog.

  2. Interesting blog. Some pictures in articles are corrupted. Best. Oleg.

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